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Iron Man & Hulk smashup - acrylic on canvas - 5ft x 4ft.jpg
Trinity Rivard_edited.png

Trinity began drawing at age 5 and dreamed of being an artist, but it wasn't until high school that his love of art began to take shape under the direction of his art teachers and support of his family. One teacher commissioned him to create a cartoon, and another purchased a clay pot he made in class. This not only inspired him, but in retrospect, what might seem like a small act of kindness was a turning point in Trinity's artistic journey.

Painting throughout college, Trinity continued to create art in hopes that each piece would connect with people in some way. Trinity participated in numerous group and solo art exhibitions around Tampa Bay area and has sold hundreds of works of art. His art can be found in private collections locally, nationally and internationally.

Today, Trinity continues to work larger and larger, creating public and private murals. This allows him to step out of his studio space and into new, and sometimes challenging environments where he uses the unique surroundings as inspiration when creating.

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